April 25, 2010

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! ep4 review

Finally episode4 is out!!

In this episode, Satsuki's neice - famous net idol Aoi, ie. daughter of her brother - claims to have been disowned and wants to work in the maid-cafe. Stuff happens and Usui comes - to see
Misa, what else? - into the maid-cafe. Aoi is determined to make him hers but as we all know, Usui only has eyes for Misa...

The evening staff can't make it and Usui asks if he can help with the cooking. More stuff happens and Aoi is more determined than ever to make Usui hers, claiming that the low-class Misa will not stand a chance against her.

Even more stuff happens and Usui, entering the cafe, is called by Aoi to sit with her. As expected, Usui rejects her offer and mumbles about going to the 2nd level for once. Aoi gets mad...

Watch the rest yourself!

OMFG. A GIANT surprise will be waiting for you in the anime.


Rachel said...

haha i know what's the surprise

Hasuzu Fuyuhi said...

lolz. Aoi's a guy. wtf