August 1, 2010

Videos part 1

Now for some videos I think you should watch.

First up, we have Hatsune Miku in [Voice]

This is a song about a young Miku and a robot servant.

One day, Miku gave him a flower. He takes it as Miku being the only one who treats him as a human. One day, when a war breaks out, Miku's mom comes and takes aways Miku from the house.

Miku is led away and the robot is left there alone...

The robot's love for Miku makes him want to protect the house for her, in case Miku comes back. The robot is a one man army, destroying the first wave of enemy robots. However, this just intrigues the enemy and they send more troops each time.

As time passes, it is evident that numbers make no difference as the robot is wiping out everything. The enemy then sends in tanks, which also fail. As a last resort, the enemy sends in 3 superbots. These 3 superbots defeat the lone robot. As the lone robot is recovering from the attacks, he sees the house and is determined to protect it. He pulls out his power core and detonates it, destroying everything and himself with it.

Some time passes and Miku is seen returning to the house. She runs up to the dining room searching for the robot, not knowing that he has already been destroyed. As we see her run about the dining room, we see a metal flower on the table, made in the shape of the original flower that Miku gave him...

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