November 27, 2010

黄金夢想曲/Ougon Musou Kyoku [Gauge Explanation]

The list has been put up on the official site. But if you can't read jap, or are too lazy to read it, I shall put the rough translations here on my blog.

Starting with the first page, Gauge Explanation.
①HP gauge
Both characters share this HP gauge, which explains why the gauge turns from blue to yellow to orange to red to nothing

②Break gauge
This gauge increases each time you block an attack. Once it is full, you receive a Guard Break, which opens you to attacks. The only way to reduce it is to Touch your partner.

③SP gauge (in use character)

This is how much SP your character currently has. The maximum number is 5.
Using a 必殺技 Hissatsu-waza does not consume SP.
Using an SP必殺技 SP Hissatsu-waza consumes 1(ONE) SP charge.
Using a 乱舞技 Ranbu-waza consumes 2(TWO) SP charge.
Using a Metafield consume 1(ONE) SP charge.

④Time limit
If you don't know this, I WILL KILL YOU

This affects your character's ability to create a Metafield. The gauge has to be full to activate a Metafield. I am mindfucked by the different names of Metafield cancelling so I'm just going to put it simple terms:
  1. YOU can activate your Metafield, consuming 1(ONE) SP charge.
  2. YOUR OPPONENT can activate his/her Metafield to cancel out YOUR Metafield, consuming 2(TWO) SP charges.
  3. YOU can activate it AGAIN to cancel the cancel, consuming 2(ONE) SP charges.
  4. YOUR OPPONENT can cancel your cancel, consuming 3(THREE) SP charges.
  5. YOU can activate it ONE LAST TIME to cancel the opponent's last cancel, consuming 2(TWO) SP charges as well as activating your Metafield.
⑥Touch gauge
In this game, tagging your partner in is called Touching. Once the CHARGE bar is full, you can do any kind of touch and call your partner in to take over.
[More of the different kinds of Touching in a later post]

⑦SP gauge (partner)
The SP gauge for your partner. It fills up as you battle. Maximum charge is 5.

And so ends the translation of the system terminology. The next post will be on the controls (original text here). The one after will be on the different kinds of Touching (original text here) available in the game. The post yet after will be on each character's CharacterAbility (original text here).

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